CJHE Special Issue: Call for Volunteer Paper Reviewers

Dear Colleagues,
TAGSA is looking for volunteer reviewers to assist with the review of paper submissions for an upcoming special issue of the Canadian Journal of Higher Education, entitled Enhancing the Quality of Graduate Student Teaching.
On behalf of the editors for the special issue, which is scheduled for publication in December 2015, I would like to invite you to consider volunteering as a reviewer for one of the paper submissions. Please see the attached Call for Proposals (CFP) for additional information on the special issue.
If you agree to be a reviewer for this special issue, you will be contacted by the Review Manager by May 16, 2015. You will be required to send your completed paper review to the Review Manager no later than June 15, 2015. To help with the review process, you will be provided with reviewer guidelines.
If you are interested in volunteering, please reply via e-mail before April 15th, to rverwoor@uvic.ca. Please include your contact information and your current role (i.e. faculty member, graduate student, staff member, etc.).
Thank you for considering this request. CJHE_Special_Issue_Dec2015_CFP-1

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