Jobs and Opportunities

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2 Responses to Jobs and Opportunities

  1. Peter Cribb says:

    Faculty of Science, York University – Educational Development Specialist

    The Educational Development Specialist is a hands-on role crucial to the successful implementation of the First-Year-Integrated Science project. This project, funded by the Academic Innovation Fund at York University, will use an evidence-based approach to transforming the teaching of the first year science curriculum. The foundational courses in four disciplines – mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology – will be re-designed by the Educational Development Specialist to achieve learning outcomes through an integrated and problem–based approach, using active learning techniques, team teaching and the flipped-classroom approach with online components. Courses in the four disciplines will not be delivered in parallel and independently of each other; instead, students will encounter material from one discipline, applied to and informing another, in an integrated fashion delivered via a blended, flipped approach.

  2. Nasrin Anjuman Runi says:

    SOTL Canada is a great institution. Being a teacher from Bangladesh In South Asia, can I get the benefit from you.

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