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  2. I recently visited the SOTL Canada website and wanted to draw your attention (and those of your members) to our new publication on Threshold Concepts. The publication brings together key insights from a conference on the same theme. It ranges from descriptions of innovative pedagogic approaches to providing practical tips on using Threshold Concepts, and ultimately aims to advance thinking about use of the idea of Threshold Concepts in Higher Education teaching and learning.

    Please see below short overview which I shared on the STLHE mailing list. The publication is available for free online at and contains more than 50 papers on the topic. I would be delighted if you would share details of this publication with your members or include a link to the e-publication on your website.

    Best wishes,
    Catherine O’Mahony


  3. Eric Kristensen says:

    Hi Nicola! Congratulations on this resource. I would also recommend the various higher education pedagogy journals, disciplinary teaching journals and educational developer journals around the world as useful resources in SOTL. As a whole, there is a large body of literature out there that should not be ignored when it comes to resources for SOTL work. Three examples come to mind immediately:

    International Journal for Academic Development

    To Improve the Academy (paper, but plans to publish electronically starting this year).
    Index is available here:
    Back issues and additional copies of To Improve the Academy, up to and including Volume 17, can be ordered from The POD Network office. There are no available copies of volumes 10, 12, and 16. Other print volumes may become unavailable without notice. Please note that all back issues and articles, up to Volume 17, are available free from the Digital Commons at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at

    Innovative Higher Education

    There are many, many more, of course. Perhaps others could add their favourites as well.

  4. Celia Popovic says:

    This is a wonderful resource for us to share – thank you! Could I suggest an addition to the list of journals? Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI) publishes articles on HE based research from around the world –

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